Simple Shutters Buying Guide

Shutters are a traditional favorite among homeowners.  They provide a stunning traditional appearance and offer multiple benefits, making them a stylish intersection of function and fashion.

Ready for a simple breakdown of our most popular shutters? Don’t worry – JustBlinds has your windows covered.

Simple Guide to Wood Shutters


Shutters are the crown jewel of traditional window treatment style. They are attached to your window frames as permanent fixtures and offer excellent light control and insulating properties. While immensely popular, shutters require certain window depth specifications, so measure your windows carefully to ensure they can properly fit shutters.

Here are some advantages of purchasing wood shutters for your home:

  1. Since shutters are permanently installed on the window frame, shutters are considered permanent features and can increase the value of your home. Many people who choose interior shutters consider them an investment.
  2. Shutters must be measured and installed perfectly into the window frame. This custom appearance looks just as attractive from the outside, giving your home stylish curb appeal.
  3. Faux wood shutters can also make your home more energy-efficient. These window treatments are excellent insulators. When the louvers are closed, the snug fit and sturdy construction can save you money in both the summer and winter.

Shutter Upgrade Options

Shutters can be upgraded with a multitude of features:

  1. Frames and Mounts: You can customize panel configurations and mounting options to have your shutters look and function exactly how you want.
  2. Hinge Colors: Coordinate your hinge colors to match other hardware throughout your home.
  3. Hidden Tilts: This upgrade moves the tilt rod to the back of the louvers for a sleeker appearance.
  4. Split Tilt: This upgrade allows you to open the top of the shutter while the bottom stays closed, or vice-versa.

Shutters Considerations

There are a few reasons why shutters may not work for home. Take these into account when considering shutters for your home:

  1. Real wood shutters can be affected by heat and moisture. Genuine wood can warp or crack when exposed to moisture, so they’re not recommended for kitchens or bathrooms. However, faux wood shutters are the perfect choice for a similar appearance with increased durability.
  2. Wood shutters are one of the most expensive window treatment options. If price is a factor, consider faux wood shutters as an alternative.
  3. Shutters are also one of the heaviest window treatment options, as well as one of the most difficult to measure and install.


What are plantation shutters?

Plantation Shutters are a traditional window treatment characterized by tilted wood or faux wood louvers. Unlike blinds or shades, plantation shutters are fitted and installed as permanent fixtures in your window. They are excellent insulators and can increase the value of your home.

Are shutters expensive?

Real wood shutters can be on the more expensive side of window treatments. However, choosing faux wood instead of real wood can reduce the overall cost. Also consider the energy savings with shutters' insulating properties – they’ll keep your house warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.

Are shutters a good investment?

Since shutters are fitted and installed directly into your window, they become permanent fixtures of your home. Plantation shutters can raise the value of your home, so many people consider them a good investment.

Are shutters insulating?

Yes, shutters are excellent insulators. Shutters are excellent insulators because they enclose the window frame and create a “sealed” effect. Their construction resists heat transfer better than traditional blinds. They keep your house warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, which can help save on energy bills.

Are shutters blackout?

Shutters will certainly make a room darker, but they are not entirely blackout. For total light blockage, consider a blackout shade with additional light blockers.

Do shutters reduce noise?

Yes, real wood shutters are excellent at absorbing sound waves. You can expect your shutters to reduce outside noise, which can make your home quieter.

Are shutters easy to install?

Shutters are one of the more difficult window treatments to install, since they must be fitted perfectly to your window frames. Although difficult, it’s not impossible to install shutters – read our How to Install Plantation Shutters Guide for further details.

Are shutters out of style?

Shutters are considered a traditional, timeless classic. They have been in style for a long time, and their beauty and elegance will remain in style for many years to come.

What are shutters made of?

Our traditional plantation shutters are made from real wood sourced in the USA from sustainably managed forests. For more economical options, our faux wood and composite shutters cut down on cost by replacing real wood with inexpensive materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF).