Child Safety for Blinds and Shades

Starting June 1, 2024, traditional window treatments featuring free-hanging operating or tilt cords and multiple-cord connectors will no longer be available. This pivot reflects a commitment to higher safety standards across the industry. 


Go Cordless Blinds & Shades

Installing window treatments with no chords is the safer choice for homes with children and pets. Some window treatments like shutters and vertical blinds are inherently cordless and with others, a cordless lift must be added while choosing options for your blinds or shades.


Out of Sight & Out of Reach

Cordless options are safer for children and the best options for households with kids or pets. If you cannot replace an older window treatment right away, order a FREE retrofit kit for corded window coverings. All window blinds, shades, and cords should always be out of reach of small children.


Prevent Access to Cords

Beds, cribs, boxes, and climbable items should never be placed near a window or door. Children and pets can access cords and other mechanisms of your window coverings from these elevated surfaces causing a choking (and falling) hazard for curious little ones.


Pull It Tight!

Hold downs (anchors for continuous cord loop mechanisms) are available to permanently secure the looped cords of shades, drapes, or some blinds to a window or door. It is important to remember that ANY exposed cords are considered unsafe for children.


Properly Install

Be absolutely certain that all window treatments are installed correctly, even cordless options. Children and pets may be able to reach lower areas of a window treatment and improperly installed or fastened blinds or shades could fall and seriously injure and adult or child.

Simply Safer

At Just Blinds, it's a fundamental principle we adhere to for all our products. Each item we sell is meticulously designed and tested to comply with the highest safety standards.

In alignment with new safety regulations effective in 2024, we are updating our inventory to exclude window treatments with free-hanging cords. For additional details on these industry-wide federal regulations, please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s webpage on window coverings or the Window Covering Safety Council website

Cordless window treatments are not only a customer favorite but also offer a sleek, modern look, ease of use, and already come in a variety of styles available at Just Blinds.

If you have any questions or concerns call us at 800-959-9939 or click here to chat with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the WCMA?

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) represents the leading voices of window covering manufacturers, fabricators, and assemblers. For further details about WCMA and their initiatives, visit [here]( 

When will Just Blinds phase out free hanging cords?

Aligning with industry progress, Just Blinds will cease offering window treatments featuring free hanging cords from June 1, 2024, onwards. 

Is it possible to convert corded products to a cordless system?

We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition in compliance with the new safety standards. Our team is on hand to guide you towards the optimal cordless solution that meets your needs.

What are the alternative lifting mechanisms available? 

American Blinds is set to introduce alternative lifting mechanisms, including the continuous cord loop with a tension device or a cordless lift system, replacing traditional corded systems.

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Cellular Shades

Choose cordless, not Top-Down/Bottom-Up.

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Roller Shades

Choose the cordless (a.k.a. spring tension) option.

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Vertical Blinds

Safer for kids with the wand control option.

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