Zebra Shades Buying Guide

Finding the perfect window treatments for interior living spaces can be challenging. Also known as dual sheer shades or zebra blinds, zebra shades offer a unique look that can enhance the decor of many bedrooms, living rooms, and other indoor areas. This guide will help homeowners shopping at justblinds.com to find the right dual sheer shades to complement their decor and create the perfect look for every room in the house.

Zebra Shades Features

Dual sheer shades feature alternating horizontal or vertical bands of light-filtering and darker fabric, arranged in a continuous loop. When the two layers of fabric align properly, they create a striped effect that can provide a good balance between allowing sunlight to enter indoor spaces and maintaining the residents' privacy. When you pull the light-blocking fabric layers into a different configuration, they can block much of the light from outdoors to provide as much privacy as you would like. Zebra blinds are lightweight and suitable for use as low-profile window treatments. The materials that go into these dual sheer shades offer superior light-filtering functionality to provide a warm and elegant glow inside the home. The modern look of zebra shades makes them a welcome addition to most contemporary interior design schemes. The ability to control the light entering living spaces is one of the primary selling points for these innovative and modern window treatments.

Zebra Shades Upgrades

Upgrades for dual sheer shades will provide even greater versatility and functionality for these elegant window treatments. Some of the most popular options for upgrading zebra shades include the following:

  • Cordless lift options remove the cord to allow easy lifting and lowering of zebra shades and to create a sleek and elegant look for these window treatments.
  • Motorized lifts are also available to raise or lower zebra blinds at the press of a button. Remote control functions may also be available to provide even greater convenience.
  • Vertical zebra shades are a popular option that can create a distinctive look for interior decor. If horizontal stripes do not complement the home's current design, vertical dual sheer shades could be the perfect option for these spaces.
  • A continuous cord loop eliminates cords to streamline the look of zebra shades.

Zebra Shades Considerations

There are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting dual sheer blinds as window treatments:

  • Cleaning for some fabric types can be difficult and may require regular replacements. Opting for a durable polymer can eliminate this cleaning issue and make maintenance for zebra blinds easier. If a stain does appear on zebra blinds, a damp cloth may be all that is necessary to eliminate this issue.
  • Dual sheer shades are an energy-efficient option that provides two layers of protection against sunlight and outdoor temperatures.
  • These window treatments offer a great combination of privacy and light-filtering capabilities for all types of indoor spaces.



What are zebra shades?

Zebra shades or dual sheer shades, are made with fabric that has alternating bands of translucent and solid fabric for a striped appearance. The fabric can be adjusted for a partial view out or solid coverage for light control and privacy. 

Why choose zebra shades?

Zebra shades have modern look that will work with any room and will give an unobstructed viewed when rolled up. What are zebra shades made of? Zebra shades are made with a single piece of fabric that has alternating bands of translucent and solid fabric for a striped appearance.

Can zebra shades be motorized?

Yes, we recommend getting a cordless roller zebra shade as they come with both the motor and the remote for ease of use

What fabrics can zebra shades be made of?

Zebra shades are made of polyester but can be outfitted with sunscreen or blackout fabric depending on the amount of light you want to let in

Do zebra shades block light?

Zebra shades do not fully block light due to their alternating bands allowing some light to get through the translucent parts