Cellular Blinds Buying Guide

If you're looking for a light-filtering or blackout shade that will enhance the beauty of your interior spaces, cellular shades could be the perfect solution. Also called cell shades or honeycomb shades, this popular option allows you to dress up your indoor spaces while keeping out the sun's rays more effectively. At JustBlinds, we offer an outstanding selection of honeycomb blinds designed with our customers' needs in mind. Our cellular shades are an excellent choice for your window treatment requirements.

Cellular Shades Features

Unlike traditional blinds, cellular blinds can provide insulation while blocking or diffusing light from outside. The honeycomb structure of cellular shades traps air inside, serving as a natural barrier against heat and cold coming from windows. This can cut down on your climate control bills while helping you manage indoor lighting. Cellular shades are available in both light-diffusing and blackout versions. Light-diffusing cellular shades can block some or most of outdoor light to create a warm and welcoming glow inside your home. For those who want to eliminate all outside light, blackout cellular shades are an excellent choice that can provide reliable comfort in living spaces. Depending on the indoor décor and where homeowners plan to install the honeycomb shades, cellular blinds can provide real benefits. The warm and appealing glow created by light-diffusing honeycomb blinds can enhance indoor spaces. These shades provide the best balance between natural light and interior comfort for the home. Blackout cellular shades also eliminate outdoor light for home theaters, bedrooms, and other areas where the intrusion of sunlight would be undesirable.

Cellular Blinds Upgrades

Honeycomb blinds are customizable and upgradable to create the perfect solution for indoor spaces. Along with an extensive array of colors and designs, cellular shades are upgradeable in the following ways:

  • Cordless lifts and continuous cord loop arrangements make it easy to adjust the position of the shades at the push of a button or the pull of a cord. You can also upgrade to motorized cellular blinds that operate by using a remote control for even greater convenience and comfort.
  • Bottom-up or top-down lift options make it easy to allow light to stream from above the shade or below to produce a perfectly customized solution for natural light inside living spaces.
  • For an added touch of elegance, valances and cornices can enhance the beauty of the honeycomb shades and complement other aspects of interior décor.

Cellular Shades Considerations

Choosing the right cellular blinds can be challenging. Factors to keep in mind when selecting honeycomb blinds include the following:

  • Because the materials used to construct honeycomb blinds can absorb moisture, it's best to keep them out of the kitchen and bathroom to ensure their greatest longevity and functionality.
  • Cellular shades block or diffuse light, but they lack slats that could allow greater control over the amount of outside light that enters your living spaces. While bottom-up or top-down lift options are available as upgrades, cellular blinds offer significantly less flexibility than some other types of window shades and blinds.