Wood Blinds Buying Guide

Wooden blinds can create a warm and natural look for interior spaces. These window treatments offer superior privacy and a unique appearance that can complement the decor of almost any home. Shoppers who check out the full lineup of wood blinds from JustBlinds can find the best options to match their existing decor, provide privacy, and filter light entering the home. This buying guide will provide the information consumers need to find the right wood blinds for their indoor spaces.

Wood Blinds Features

One of the best features of wooden window blinds is the unique sense of style they bring to interior design schemes. Wooden blinds for windows are customizable and available in an extensive lineup of stains and paint choices. Versatile and practical, wooden blinds for windows are the perfect way to block out some of the sun's rays while managing privacy inside the home. By changing the blinds' color scheme or the width of their slats, these window treatments can match existing decor or serve as the basis for an entirely new look. Most wooden window blinds feature movable slats that can let varying amounts of light into the home to provide clear visibility or superior privacy. This allows wooden blinds to improve the security and safety of private residences.

Wood Blinds Upgrades

Wooden blinds for windows come ready to upgrade in several ways: 

  • Valances, cornices, and toppers offer added style for wood blinds that can highlight the beauty of these window treatments.
  • Routeless blinds eliminate the usual holes for cords to provide superior privacy and a sleek, streamlined look for windows. Cloth tapes are also a clever way to cover route holes for added privacy and improve wooden window blinds appearance.
  • Rounded corners for the slats of wood blinds create a distinctive look and can significantly affect the appearance of wooden window blinds.
  • Continuous cord loop options eliminate the dangling cords that sometimes create a less tidy appearance for blinds. A continuous cord loop mechanism can create a polished and sleek look for wood blinds by securing the cord to the window frame.
  • Cordless lifts hide all control system elements to create an easy way to lift and lower wood blinds without the visual distraction of a dangling cord.

Wood Blinds Considerations

Wood blinds offer a natural and beautiful look for interior spaces. There are some points to consider, however, before deciding on wooden blinds:

  • The thickness of slats for wood blinds can create a stack at the top when these blinds are fully raised. This could potentially block the view of the outside and reduce the amount of light entering indoor spaces even when the blinds are fully elevated.
  • Real wood blinds are vulnerable to moisture and heat. These window treatments are not suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas that become humid or hot. Faux wood blinds are a better choice for these spaces.


How much do wood blinds cost?

The cost of your wood blinds will depend on the size. For reference, wood blinds are more expensive than faux wood blinds but less expensive than wood shutters.

Do wood blinds insulate?

Wood Blinds can help insulate your home. The thick wood slats, when closed, can block sunlight and keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Do wood blinds block light?

Yes, wood blinds can block light when the slats are tilted shut. If there are gaps between the blinds and the window frame, some light will still get through.

Are wood blinds heavy?

Wood blinds are actually lighter than faux wood blinds. Wood Blinds are better for large windows.

Are wood blinds in style?

Wood Blinds are one of the most popular window treatment styles. They will always be in style!

Are wood blinds energy efficient?

Wood Blinds can block sunlight and insulate, which can help save money on energy bills.

Can wood blinds be motorized?

Yes, Wood Blinds can be motorized with lift and tilt options.

How to clean wood blinds?

Never use water on wood blinds, it can cause warping. Clean your wood blinds the same way you would clean wood furniture, with a duster or microfiber cloth and furniture spray.