How To Measure Vertical Blinds

Everything you need to properly measure for your new vertical blinds

Getting Started

What You Will Need

  • Steel Tape Measure
  • Step Ladder (if necessary)
  • Pencil

Basic Measuring Tips:

Using the steel measuring tape - measure to the nearest 1/8" of an inch, if the size is on 1/8.

Determining Inside or Outside Mount

Inside mount vertical blinds:

  • Inside mount vertical blinds will fit inside the window opening
  • Cleaner look
  • Most energy efficient

Outside mount vertical blinds:

  • Outside mount vertical blinds will cover beyond your window opening in width and height (Most Common)
  • Minimizes light gaps for more privacy and light control
  • Recommended for patio doors and sliding doors

Measure for Inside Mount

measuring diagram for inside mount vertical blinds
  • Start measurement at the depth where your brackets will be installed
  • Measure width at the top, middle, and bottom of opening edge to edge
  • Record narrowest measurement of the 3 to the nearest 1/8" **Inside Mount Blinds will have a small deduction taken by the factory to fit inside the opening**
  • Start height in 3 places left, middle and right edge to edge
  • Record tallest measurement of the 3 to the nearest 1/8"

Measure for Outside Mount

measuring diagram for outside mount vertical blinds
  • Measure the width of the area you want to cover (3" overlap on each side recommended)
  • Record measurement **Outside Mount Blinds will be made to your exact measurement**
  • Determine where you want the top of your vertical to be positioned and mark the spot
  • Measure height to be covered from the top of marked position to top of sill. If no sill exist, measure the entire area you want covered
  • Record measurement