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How to Measure for Shutters

Tips to getting started

  • Use a steel tape measure for accuracy, and provide all measurements to the nearest 1/8"
  • Determine if your window has sufficient depth to install as an Inside Mount
  • Always measure width (left to right) first and height (top to bottom) second

Determine Inside or Outside Mount

  • Inside mount shutters are available with Z-Frame or L-Frame options (Requires more depth)
    • Finished framed look
    • Less energy efficient
  • Outside mount shutters will cover beyond your window opening in width and height L-Frame only
    • Mounts on trim or wall surface
    • Most energy efficient

Measure for Inside Mount

Measure for Inside Mount - Width
  • Start measurement at 1 1/2" deep inside window opening
  • Measure width at the top, middle and bottom of opening edge to edge
  • Record narrowest measurement of the 3 to the nearest 1/8"
Measure for Inside Mount - Height
  • Start height 1 1/2" deep inside window opening in 3 places. Left, middle and right edge to edge
  • Record shortest measurement of the 3 to the nearest 1/8"

**Inside Mount shutter will have a small deduction taken by the factory to fit inside the opening**

Measure for Outside Mount

  • Measure the width of the area you want to cover (1 1/2" overlap on each side)
  • Record measurement
Measure for Outside Mount - Width
  • Determine where you want the top of your shutter frame to be positioned and mark the spot
  • Measure height to be covered from the top of marked headrail position to top of sill. If no sill exist, measure down to where you want your shutter to cover
  • Record measurement
Measure for Outside Mount - Height

**Outside Mount shutters will be made to your exact measurement frame edge to frame edge**